Friday, July 31, 2015

I have taken the Challenge and have arrived here with my 8         statements or beliefs in teaching. This will be September number 31 for me. I still experience all of these feelings before the first day; Excited, Nervous, and Anxious. I have B2S dreams, feel that queasy stomach (Sunday night feeling) and hold high hopes for this year to beat all. I know you probably have nodded at least once. Please came join me and these other very special and dedicated teachers.

 With Love from Texas

It didn't take me very long to write my list after all of these years of teaching. It DID take me quite a while to pinpoint the eight that would say it all for me. I know there will be days that I may come back to this list more than once and that is absolutely fine with me. I am not the perfect teacher and not the perfect fit for every student placed in my classroom but I do want to be the teacher each of my students needs and deserves.

I hope I have inspired you to make your own list of beliefs in Education. Please join Stephanie of Mrs. D's Corner to see what she has to share today.

Mrs. D's Corner